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Meet Ali

Ali Henderson

Welcome to! I'm Ali and yoga and Pilates are my passions...


My yoga practice started with desperation — never a great state!

I suffered from terrible anxiety attacks after my mother died quite suddenly when I was 13. In 1970s Britain, we didn’t discuss mental health and any admission of panic wasn’t encouraged. My father told me to pull myself together and the doctor never as much as offered a self-help strategy. I could go a few months feeling calmer, then the whole thing would raise its ugly head again; I feared I’d never get better.


I picked up a basic paperback about yoga in a bookstore and found it really interesting, starting to incorporate a brief series of movements into my morning routine. I found it strangely soothing. How could something so simple calm me when dealing with something so complex? My rational mind couldn’t talk myself out of my anxiety, but these basic movements combined with breathing made me feel so much more able to cope. I became quite an expert after that, taking books out of the library and developing into the meditative practice that follows the poses. 

Many years on when the gym my daughter worked at was looking for an instructor, they suggested I took a teacher training course and encouraged me as I learned. Aged 40+, I became a Level 3 NCFE Yoga Teacher and loved teaching classes part-time. 

As my classes expanded, I found I had less time for my day job so quit the corporate world to teach full-time in 2017, heading off to Spain to do my Pilates teacher training. I have never looked back and feel absolutely privileged to have made a career out of the things I love the most!

My yoga and Pilates classes are warm, welcoming and suitable for all abilities. I don't do different classes for different levels but offer options so you can enjoy as a beginner then progress as you wish. There is no pressure and plenty of fun! Get in touch by emailing and don't hesitate to contact me for advice on using yoga and Pilates to gain a strong, healthy body and fabulous sense of wellbeing.

Lots of Love,

Ali xxx

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