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Pose of a Child: Balasana

Pose of a Child, or Balasana, is often used at start of practice or as a resting pose between more dynamic moves. I wanted to say something about it as it’s often overlooked as a marvellous yoga pose in its own right.

Balasana is sometimes known as Wisdom Pose, as it’s a great move to slip into if you need to get in touch with your intuition. Mind swirling with different thoughts over a decision you need to make? Let them go and adopt Pose of a Child to help you get in touch with your inner being.

Just kneel on the floor, sitting on the heels and separating the knees. Stretch forward and spread the palms. Placing the head and therefore the third eye (that little spot between your eyebrows) down on the mat will instantly calm and soothe you. When the eyes look back towards you, as they do here, the brain sees this as a signal that you are safe and can now rest.

If you feel achy and tight with sitting at a desk all day, Balasana will give the lower back a lovely lengthening stretch. It also opens the hips where all stress builds up, so gently breathing into this pose will soothe the nervous system and dispel anxiety. Do it with your knees closer so your belly rests on your thighs if you want to massage the digestive organs and ease indigestion.

Pose of a Child is lovely before bed if you’ve had a draining day. It’s symbolic that you are putting the head down and removing yourself from the external to nurture the inner self and give yourself permission to rest.

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