Winter Favourites

JUST passing the time at Prestwick waiting for my flight to Malaga. Made a wee list of my faves this autumn. I feel a bit reluctant to buy stuff in that I spend most of my life in yoga pants these days. Talking of which, who knew that millions of pairs of yoga pants could take up so much room? I nearly made the 20kg limit I’d paid extra for, and that’s without real clothes! I still can’t resist a few key autumn purchases. I tried the Zara double breasted frock coat (£79.99) on in Norway recently. I love a cream coat and was sorely tempted. I adore a granny cardi as well and this glorious green one from Joy (£30) is truly floating my boat. The heritage trend is well and truly back this autumn

Keep Calm And Vinyasa Flow!

I READ a magazine feature the other day that asked people to say what their favourite exercise move was. My favourite yoga move is most definitely the Vinyasa. So what is a Vinyasa? Vinyasa, in Sanskrit, means to ‘move in a special way’. When you Vinyasa, you move with intention. I teach Vinyasa Flow yoga, where we do Vinyasas between the seated poses. We cross the legs, roll to the palms, step or jump back to plank with bent elbows, through to updog then downdog. We breathe in normally then step or jump through, crossing our legs, on our outer breath. It’s like a mini handstand and makes our practice a moving meditation. Never force yourself to do every Vinyasa if you’re not feeling it. Mak

Asanas In Your Pyjamas And Other Stuff

EARLIER this year I had a period where the dreaded insomnia raised its ugly head. Quelle horreur! As a woman whose hormones have been officially declared doolally, I now occasionally go to bed bone tired, then, ping, it’s like I’m wired and wide awake. Then I lie there completely awake for the whole night. Other nights I sleep like a baby but wake wired at 5am, with no hope of further slumber. What has caused this, apparently, is a decline in oestrogen and progesterone leading to a shortage of melatonin, required for sleep, and serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Then there’s also a surge of cortisol, the stress hormone, causing a racing mind and anxiety. So basically, at a time when you’re ag

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