Sort Out Your Shoulders!

So many students come to me with shoulder pain — it’s almost a product of modern life. Sitting at a computer for long hours without walking about or driving can cause it. Then there’s tension — we tend to feel pressure in the shoulders first, and it can be truly painful. Try this mini session to get your shoulders back to maximum flexibility… Start with a Standing Forward Fold — really easy and soothing. Take a little jump and connect with the earth, stand tall, breathe in normally and ease forward as you breathe out. There’s no right or wrong here in how far you bend — it might be just taking the shins with bent elbows or you could straighten your arms and grab your toes. Don’t force it. Wh

How It All Started!

Welcome to blog! It seems apt to share how I started to practise yoga all these years ago and explain why I have such a passion for it… My yoga practice started with desperation — never a great state. I was suffering from acute anxiety and feared I was losing the plot. At 17, my teenage years hadn’t been easy, my mother dying of lung cancer when I was 13, barely two months after her diagnosis. I was the only child and my father was considerably older — 53 when I was born and 66 when he was left to run a business and struggle to raise a damaged teenager who had no maternal figure to turn to. The anxiety attacks started when I was 14 — full blown panics that could come

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