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Sort Out Your Shoulders!

So many students come to me with shoulder pain — it’s almost a product of modern life. Sitting at a computer for long hours without walking about or driving can cause it. Then there’s tension — we tend to feel pressure in the shoulders first, and it can be truly painful. Try this mini session to get your shoulders back to maximum flexibility…

Start with a Standing Forward Fold — really easy and soothing. Take a little jump and connect with the earth, stand tall, breathe in normally and ease forward as you breathe out. There’s no right or wrong here in how far you bend — it might be just taking the shins with bent elbows or you could straighten your arms and grab your toes. Don’t force it. When you get your full pose, do some ocean breath — slow and deep in through the nose, then violently out through the nose, making a throaty noise. Hold for at least five breaths, then come up on a normal inward breath, raising the arms in salutation.

Now move into Extended Triangle. Right foot to the side, left foot slightly to the side, slightly forward. Left arm up with palm facing the front, legs always straight. Look round and up at the palm. Breathe to tone all the abs and sides, plus give the shoulders a lovely stretch. Full pose is to take the toe but better to move the hand up the leg so legs are straight than to be less than open or to bend the knee. Embrace ocean breath and do at least five breaths at each side.

Finally come onto your knees and try an asymmetrical version of Thunderbolt pose, left arm overhead and back of right hand resting on the lower back between the hip bones. Breathe out as you bend forward, sweeping your left arm behind your back and turning your head right, resting the left side of your face on your mat. Most of your body weight should rest on your legs. Inhale as you sweep your right arm wide and turn your head to the centre, returning to standing on your knees. Repeat to the other side and do a few rounds to each side.

You can do this little practice in ten minutes. Pop on some soothing music and add it to your day when it suits! 🙏

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